069 – Not Me. Sagittarius.

With this episode we bring you a mix of music curated for Sagittarians, featuring songs by Rufio, Downtown Boys, Control Top, Saves the Day, Left Unsaid, The Ataris, The Clash, and A Flock of Seagulls! As always, thank you to Rubee for the amazing artwork! If you have a business inquiry for Rubee, just send an email to rubee@sadpunks.com. You can also pick up one of her remakes of famous paintings, which are made-to-order and can be purchased at rubeetrue.com/buy/famous-painting. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! Follow us on Instagram! Like us on Facebook! Buy a Sad Punks shirt at sadpunks.bigcartel.com!


026 – Whitmer Thomas

This week we bring you a mix of music curated by comedian Whitmer Thomas! Whitmer’s Sad Punks mix includes songs by Blink-182, Strike Anywhere, This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, Saves the Day, Coalesce, and Rilo Kiley. As an addendum, we also include a song by Bane! Support each of these bands, and check out Whitmer’s work online! Click here to find us on Facebook, or here to find us on iTunes. As always, thank you to Rubee True Fegan for the artwork for this episode! If you’d like to commission a portrait by Rubee, send an email to rubee@sadpunks.com.