Don’t Cry Out Your Eyeballs

Crime Lab played at Burt’s with Wild Honey, from Baltimore, last night. I tried to record songs from both bands, but a drunk couple started to wild out in front of my camera during Wild Honey‘s set and ruined everything. They seemed like the type of people who “like everything but country lol”, and whose inside jokes are just internet memes. Bar shows are the worst.

Here’s the video of Crime Lab playing “Lake House Cigars”, but you should also check out Wild Honey. I had never listened to them before the show, but their set was pretty cool.

La Luna

La Luna—from Calgary, Alberta, Canada—came through town yesterday and played a show with Adobe Homes and La Haine at my friend Isaac’s house. Here’s a video of a song from each band’s set. La Luna will be touring throughout the U.S. and back up through Canada for the next month. They have a couple of great tapes available, but the LP that they released—which was actually a re-release of a tape that they had put out under a different name in 2012—has sold out. That record can still be streamed and downloaded from their Bandcamp page, though. It’s all worth checking out.