056 – Loss of Breath

On this episode of the Sad Punks podcast, AJ, Blake, and James of Loss of Breath share songs by Lust for Youth, New Order, Alice Coltrane, She Past Away, and Merle Haggard & The Stragers! To start off the episode, we also include the first song released by Loss of Breath! If you’re in Albuquerque on Friday, August 24, check out the first Loss of Breath show at Moonlight Lounge with Crime Lab and Sloan Armitage. As always, thank you to Rubee for the artwork for this episode! If you have a business inquiry for Rubee, just send an email to rubee@sadpunks.com. You can also pick up one of her remakes of famous paintings, which are made-to-order and can be purchased at rubeetrue.com/buy/famous-painting. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! Follow us on Instagram! Like us on Facebook! Buy a shirt at sadpunks.bigcartel.com!

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020 – Oskar Petersen

This week we bring you a mix of music curated by Oskar Petersen of the band Crime Lab! Oskar‘s Sad Punks mix includes songs by T. Hardy Morris, Land of Talk, James McMurtry, Julie Doiron, Andy Shauf, and Rilo Kiley. As an addendum, we also include two songs by Crime Lab! Support each of these bands and download the latest Crime Lab release, Headlock Season. Click here to find us on Facebook, or here to find us on iTunes. As always, thank you to Rubee True Fegan for the artwork for this episode!

004 – Simon Vozick-Levinson

The fourth episode of the Sad Punks podcast is finally up! This week we bring you a mix of music curated by music journalist Simon Vozick-Levinson, featuring songs by PalehoundShoppingTenementPWR BTTMGauche, and Hop Along. As an addendum, we also include a song by Crime Lab. Support these bands and check out Simon’s work online! Click here to listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or here to download this episode directly. Thanks to Rubee True Fegan for the amazing artwork for this episode!

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Don’t Cry Out Your Eyeballs

Crime Lab played at Burt’s with Wild Honey, from Baltimore, last night. I tried to record songs from both bands, but a drunk couple started to wild out in front of my camera during Wild Honey‘s set and ruined everything. They seemed like the type of people who “like everything but country lol”, and whose inside jokes are just internet memes. Bar shows are the worst.

Here’s the video of Crime Lab playing “Lake House Cigars”, but you should also check out Wild Honey. I had never listened to them before the show, but their set was pretty cool.