047 – Dan Rico

For this episode, Dan Rico curated a playlist featuring Black Sabbath, Prince, Thin Lizzy, Big Star, Material Issue, and The Rolling Stones! To round out the episode, we also include two songs by Dan Rico–the first from 2016’s Endless Love, and the second from the upcoming Flesh & Bone. As always, thank you to Rubee for the artwork for this episode! If you have a business inquiry for Rubee, just send an email to rubee@sadpunks.com. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! Follow us on Instagram! Like us on Facebook! You can also subscribe to Tim’s newsletter at sadpunks.com/singles!


2 thoughts on “047 – Dan Rico

  1. Amazing playlist. Perfect songs. All of them. Totally agree about that Material Issue track. Jim Ellison was a genius and unfortunately suffered in silence. I absolutely wore our my cassette of Int’l Pop Overthrow back in the day. Thanks Sad Punks and Dan Rico!

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