013 – Jensen Karp

This week we bring you a mix of music curated by Jensen Karp. He is a writer, comedian, and gallery owner known for his work with Get Up On ThisGallery 1988, and Patti Lapel–among countless other things. His Sad Punks mix includes songs by The CoupGravediggazOrganized KonfusionArtifactsIce CubeDr. Dre, and Crooklyn Dodgers. Support each of these artists and pick up a copy of Jensen‘s new book, KANYE WEST OWES ME $300! Click here to listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or here to download this episode directly. As always, thank you to Rubee True Fegan for the artwork for this episode!

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One thought on “013 – Jensen Karp

  1. Not usually a fan of rap, but I loved this one. Kudos to you guys for branching out. FYI, the link to “Get Up On This” appears to be broken.

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